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Using AI to accelerate Digital Transformation at Utilities

Overcoming Digitization Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry - Oil and Gas Industry Transforming Itself with the Help of AI

AI-bank of the future: How can banks meet the AI challenge?

Transforming healthcare with AI: The impact on the workforce and organizations

How AI and Robotics will disrupt the Defense industry?

Artificial intelligence in retail: Scale at speed

The Role of AI and Big Data in Modern-Day Logistics

How to embark on becoming a smart digital city of tomorrow

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the current education system

  • The latest digital manufacturing trends are aimed at connecting physical and virtual factory environments to boost productivity, efficiency and profitability.

  • Digital transformation in the utilities sector is the process of adopting new digital ways of working, often with a business goal for utilities to reinvent themselves.

  • In the oil and gas industry, digitalization is improving project economics and streamlining operations, with AI as the key for sustainable growth and security against cyberthreats.

  • Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly integral to the world we live in, and banks need to deploy these technologies at scale to remain relevant.

  • Digital transformation is an ongoing process and new trends are emerging in the healthcare industry with each passing day.

  • Digital transformation of the military ecosystem has started its journey, shifting traditional working processes, operations and level of services with a deep impact on delivering military capabilities.

  • Transformation in retail was already underway before the pandemic and is now accelerating, powered by data and AI.

  • Industry 4.0 - one of the biggest disruptors to traditional freight and logistics, is transforming the way in which the industry continues to do business.

  • AI can combine with massive amounts of data to transform how a city operates.

  • Traditional education systems are fast changing to adapt to the technological advancements of today’s world.

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