AI – The driving force of your industry digital transformation

The latest digital manufacturing trends are aimed at connecting physical and virtual factory environments to boost productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Evolution of the manufacturing industry can be seen with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. This is to minimize the human workforce while improve efficiency and simplify the whole manufacturing system. If earlier, more than one person was required to manage one task system, then with the implementation of AI-based robots, now one bot per task system is sufficient. We are going to see very soon what roles AI and robotics are playing in the manufacturing industry.

AI is the reason behind evolution in the manufacturing industry. They are making production decisions smarter and instant. Nowadays people prefer customized products over costly industrially produced products. With the help of, labor cost can be minimized. AI is the next step after robotics for improving productivity and minimization of cost of production. The main causes behind the logical evolution of industries are poor demand and capacity planning, unsafe workplaces i.e. workers are exposed to essential harmful products used in factories, inefficiency, longer and costlier production etc.

Artificial Intelligence is highly essential for the survival and improvement of the industries. Robots play a highly important role in the production, packing, and shipping of products with least manual help. Artificial intelligence and robotics, in collaboration with new technology like 3D printing, will prove beneficial in bringing advancement in manufacturing and fulfilling increasing consumer demands.